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something tells me that Virginia is going to be the nerve-center of whatever social movement/counter-culture America has in store next. The people I know who’ve been there, come from there, and the art I’ve seen coming out of there (especially Nicholas Scarpinato) has been hinting at this birth of…

Nice words.

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strangeskiies inquired HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Thank you! :)

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"The Weather in My Head" 2014

Hand painted and iPhone photos. 


"Untitled" 2014 


pancakeshio inquired Hi! I´ve been following your work on fb and I was really exctited to find your tumblr site. I have a question, what app do you use to replicates the dynamic range and softness on your digital camera? I really want to add that effect to my photographs, do you also work something else on photoshop or the app gives you de desired effect?

I use the Cinestyle app to get the dynamic range and softness you are looking for. I also use a combination of the app and photoshop to further the desired effect on the images. 

Anonymous inquired How do you go about finding models? Do they volunteer, or do you physically see someone in public you find visually stunning and ask them?

All the models in my photos are my friends. 

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"40 to 100" 


Model: Kassiane Patselas

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Eggs and Silence. 2014

Model: Maxwell Runko 


lazydayscrazynights inquired Love your work! I was wondering, how do you take self portraits?

I use a remote!  

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"He doesn’t know I sold my ass on Craigslist" 2014

Found print, found frame, iPad, wood, acrylic paint, and light. 


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Forgotten Places. VA 2014. 


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Nicholas Scarpinato. May 2014

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