Me. Polaroid. December 2013

clolphin inquired this is going to be completely random but i'm just very glad you exist and you're a very awesome person

That really means a lot to me. Thank you. 

" Artists need to keep in mind that while they own their own photographs they can’t own a specific technique… especially since these things have been around since long before you were born. "
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Polaroid. In camera edit. 


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navybaby101 inquired Also, how long did it take to put your short film together?

I’ve been shooting and editing for about a month! Editing is taking the longest because I’m trying things I’ve never done before. I’m excited.

Anonymous inquired What did you use/what was your process for colour grading your short film? The colour tones and dynamic range are fantastic!

I use adobe after effects and photoshop to color my films. I also shoot on the flattest settings on my camera so I have full control in the editing process.

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Stills from my experimental film. Sorry I havent posted in a long time. I have only been doing this.

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Come Darkly Near. Trailer.

Short film my classmates and I worked on this year. Full 30min film should be released soon. I did cinematography for this project.

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Anonymous inquired Hey, the stills from yours short film look sick. Was wondering if you shot it in HDR using magic lantern? The dynamic range looks really good

Thank you! No, I didn’t use magic lantern. I used the flattest settings on my camera and shot on overcast days.

Anonymous inquired What camera did you use to shoot your short film?

5D Mark ii

Anonymous inquired Would you consider yourself more a cinematographer or photographer?

Cinematography is nothing more than photography in motion so I guess I’d have to say both.

Anonymous inquired How to you find all of those abandoned houses and places to shoot at?

From friends, traveling, and looking online. Most of the places I go are very close to where I grew up.  Also, Google maps is a good tool to use for abandon places.

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December. 2013.

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Various photos from December.


Untitled 2013-2014

Collaboration between painter Stephanie Dyer and photographer Nicholas Scarpinato 

Acrylic, oil, ink jet print on canvas.

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