"Cutting Ties"

End and beginning


"The Gentleman’s Son And His Cat" 

This project is for experimentation and personal growth. I will not be posting what I normally share on my Flickr page. However, this will be a relaxed 365 where I explore photography and where ever it takes me. I want to document my year and not worry what everyone in the world thinks and be free to do what I want. I hope you all follow my journey and see where my photography goes.

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"Outdoor Market"

Sometimes I wish everything was just a little bigger. Could you imagine the possibilities?


"New Beginnings"

Ahhhhh 360 more photos to go =). Snapped this while running up the steps to the falls. I can’t believe I didn’t fall and break my camera!. Going to some cool places tomorrow. So Excited.

Photo story here: http://nicholasscarpinato.blogspot.com/


"Botanical Gardens"

This is the last photo from my trip to Niagara falls. We found this hidden treasure close to Buffalo! it was truly amazing inside this building. It had a mini rainforest  and probably every flower on the earth. 

Photo story here: http://nicholasscarpinato.blogspot.com/


"Outdoor Movie"

I got really bored watching a movie inside today, so I brought everything outside and watched it in the Garden.


"New Days"

Self-portrait. I want to start getting in to fashion photography. Inspired by Matt Wisniewski

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"The Cloud Room" 

My Mark II broke today so I have to get it fixed. 

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"Falling Man" 

I sent my camera in to be fixed so I should get it in a week or so. For now, I am stuck with my old one. If you haven’t seen my new photo on Flickr you should check it out.



"The Giant Doll"

I tried new editing techniques with this one. Overall I am happy with it. 


"The Flower Girl"

My friend Jessie came over today and we played in the grass for awhile. We eventually got up to shoot this.



Last shot from my adventure with Jessie. It was about 98 degrees when we shot this.



Happy 4th of July!