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"Cutting Ties"

End and beginning

"Tea Cup"

I felt like making something beautiful today


"The Gentleman’s Son And His Cat" 

This project is for experimentation and personal growth. I will not be posting what I normally share on my Flickr page. However, this will be a relaxed 365 where I explore photography and where ever it takes me. I want to document my year and not worry what everyone in the world thinks and be free to do what I want. I hope you all follow my journey and see where my photography goes.

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"Outdoor Market"

Sometimes I wish everything was just a little bigger. Could you imagine the possibilities?


"New Beginnings"

Ahhhhh 360 more photos to go =). Snapped this while running up the steps to the falls. I can’t believe I didn’t fall and break my camera!. Going to some cool places tomorrow. So Excited.

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"Botanical Gardens"

This is the last photo from my trip to Niagara falls. We found this hidden treasure close to Buffalo! it was truly amazing inside this building. It had a mini rainforest  and probably every flower on the earth. 

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"Billy Shears"

 I like old things.


"Outdoor Movie"

I got really bored watching a movie inside today, so I brought everything outside and watched it in the Garden.


"New Days"

Self-portrait. I want to start getting in to fashion photography. Inspired by Matt Wisniewski

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Hey everyone! I made a photography page! Please go and like it =)


"The Cloud Room" 

My Mark II broke today so I have to get it fixed. 

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"Falling Man" 

I sent my camera in to be fixed so I should get it in a week or so. For now, I am stuck with my old one. If you haven’t seen my new photo on Flickr you should check it out.


"The Giant Doll"

I tried new editing techniques with this one. Overall I am happy with it.