Haha wow, i love how much attention this photo got… woowwwwww Thanks everyone! 


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photo by Nicholas Max

This post is by Andrew Harlow as part of Photojojo’s Show & Tell week.

This photograph feels like a dream. I especially like how white the railroad tracks are for some reason… 

We Used to Wait on Flickr.

Safe in My Dreams on Flickr.


The Magic Cups on Flickr.

Just Friends on Flickr.

"Thirsty" on Flickr.

"Elephants" on Flickr.

First day back from college. It’s nice to finally be back home. I’m going to start taking photographs again so expect more photos.

untitled on Flickr.

Self portrait.

Please credit me for my work! Photo By: Nicholas Scarpinato

(Source: thewildwaverider.tumlr.com, via imaginarparavivir)


it’s tea time for my garden.

Instruments of memory on Flickr.

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